Martin Del Campo / Bob Esparza Scholarship Fund
Helping Students Achieve Their Dreams
Charles B Turner$25004/01/15 
Charles Higueras$50004/01/15 
David Diaz$10004/01/15 
Ed Ricther$10004/01/15 
Susan Hagstrom$10004/01/15 
ThirdWave Corp$200004/01/15 
Charles Higueras$50003/18/14 
David R. Diaz$20003/18/14 
Edward S. Richter$10003/18/14 
Roy R. Hernandez$20003/18/14 
Susan Hagstrom$10003/18/14 
ThirdWave Corp$200003/18/14 
Antonio H. Risanto$10011/02/12 
Celeste Rodriguez$5011/02/12 
Charles B. Turner Jr.$10011/02/12 
Charles Higueras, FAIA$50011/02/12 
David Esparza$25011/02/12 
Dionisio Marquez$5011/02/12 
Dr. David R. Diaz$10011/02/12 
Edward S. Richter$12511/02/12 
Fred Antilano$10011/02/12 
Jeannie Gomez$5011/02/12 
Jose Gutierrez$10011/02/12 
Kathryn Hoover, Esq.$50011/02/12 
Roy R. Hernandez$100011/02/12 
Sara Ishikawa$20011/02/12 
Susan Hagstrom$10011/02/12 
Kathryn Hoover$10004/20/12 
Maritza Delgadillo$10004/20/12 
Sara Ishikawa$50004/20/12 
Babette Gee$5004/17/12 
Charles Higueras$50004/13/12 
Dan Esparza$25004/13/12 
Viviana Arellano$20004/13/12 
David Esparza$25004/02/12 
Carlos Rodriguez$100003/30/12 
Roy Hernandez$100003/30/12 
Joe Esparza$25003/28/12 
Carlos Rodriguez$100009/19/11 
Oswaldo Lopez$80009/19/11 
Ramon Ramirez$10009/19/11 
Roy Hernandez$100009/19/11 
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Support our brightest students
Antonia Escobar Prize -4/1/15
Vanessa Hernandez$1000BA Urban 16 
Martin Del Campo Prize - 4/1/15
Abel Morales$1000M Arch 16 
Bob Esparza Prize - 4/1/2015
Matthew Almendarez$350BA arch 16 
Merit Award - 4/1/2015
Itzel Torres$300BA Arch 18 
Adrian Hernandez$300BA Sust 17 
Martin Del Campo Prize - 3/18/2014
Jorge Andrade$1000BA Arch 14 
Bob Esparza Prize - 3/18/2014
Diana Lizeth Nguyen$1000BA L Arch 14 
Antonio Escobar Prize - 3/18/14
Corin Velasco$500BA L Arch 14 
Merit Award - 3/18/2014
Ana Tenorio$300BA L Arch 14 
Matthew Armendarez$200BA L Arch 14 
Martin Del Campo Prize - 11/2/2012
Casena Campbell $600M L Arch 15 
Lisbeth Mora$600M Arch 13 
Bob Esparza Prize - 11/2/2012
Ana Tenorio$600BA L Arch 14 
Abigail Muñoz$600BA Urban S 13 
Antonia Escobar Prize - 11/2/2012
Isvet Paz$500BA Arch 13 
Merit Award - 11/2/2012
Silvia Perez$200BA Arch 13 
Bob Esparza Prize - 4/20/2012
Ivan Nicholas Cisneros$600BA Arch 13 
Cecilia Cardenas$600BA Arch 12 
Martin Del Campo Prize - 4/20/2012
Ivan Rodriguez$600M Arch 13 
Celeste Rodriguez$600M Arch 12 
Antonia Escobar Prize - 4/20/2012
Leslie Valencia$500BA Arch 12 
Merit Award - 4/20/2012
Joaquin Ulgalde$200BA Arch 13 
Albert Orozco$200BA Arch 12 
Jesus Barajas$200BA Arch 12 
Bob Esparza Prize - 9/19/2011
Cecilia Cardenas$500BA Arch 12 
Luis Ochoa$500BA Arch 11 
Martin Del Campo Prize - 9/19/2011
Albert Orozco$500BA Arch 11 
Carla Arechar$500BA Arch 11 
Merit Award - 9/19/2011
Issac Alcantar$300BA Arch 12 
Leslie Valencia$300BA Arch 12 
Matt Mojica$100BA Arch 11 
The cost of attending a leading university today has risen at an unprecedented level. Battered by an atrocious economy and reductions in state funding, universities like UC Berkeley have raised their tuitions to alarming levels. Surviving the College of Environmental Design (CED) is exceedingly difficult for low-income students of color.
With high school dropout rates in California ranging from 37% for Black students and 27% for Latinos, admittance into CED (one of the leading architecture schools in the world) is a significant achievement. Unlike other Cal donations websites, this one supports students that are likely to come from families of modest means, inner city schools, or the agricultural fields of California. This scholarship fund supports all low-income students of color. Each semester we invite talented students to apply for the prizes; 100% of the funds collected are awarded to students.
Your contributions of $20, $50, $100 or more allows us to provide the financial resources students need to succeed. Your support can make the difference in a student excelling in a class, printing professional presentation boards for a design studio, or producing a top-notch portfolio resulting in employment! Giving back and investing in these students helps our families and communities, and in the long run, results in professional and economic empowerment. Please support our future architects, planners, developers, attorneys, educators, artists, and entrepreneurs. To provide complete transparency, donors and recipients are posted on this page. It’s fast, easy and secure!
You can make a donation by check made out to CASAalumni, and sending it to Roy Hernandez, 11400 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 200 Los Angeles CA 90064. Thanks so much!
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