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ByDESIGN is a publication providing students, alumni, friends of CASA, and the College of Environmental Design, University of California at Berkeley (CED) on current developments at CED and within the design professions. Published by CASAalumni in collaboration with CED CASA students and CED, ByDESIGN’s objectives are to address a number of activities:

For CASA / CED Students, ByDESIGN supplements the ongoing efforts of CASAalumni in a number of key areas:

  • Provide infrastructure to recruit, retain, and employ CED students from low income communities interested in the design professions;
  • Highlight exceptional creative and academic achievements by students, professionals and educational scholars;
  • Provide alumni mentoring and guidance in assisting students in succeeding at CED;
  • Provide professional development and counseling including portfolio / resume development, job prospecting and effective interviewing techniques.
  • Assist undergraduate students with university applications and procedures for those seeking to enter graduate schools to further study the design professions.

For the College of Environmental Design, ByDESIGN is an independent publication supporting the College of Environmental Design in its demonstration and ongoing commitment in building diversity within the undergraduate and graduate student programs. ByDESIGN provides a bridge to promote collaborative efforts between the College, CASA students, and CASAalumni to further advance the commitment of diversity within the design professions.

For CED Alumni, and non-CED design graduates from other universities, ByDESIGN provides a platform to publish professional accomplishments and highlight contributions by architectural and planning firms, educational scholars and viewpoints within the various design professions. We encourage CED Alumni and non-CED design graduates to participate and welcome your contributions.

ByDESIGN provides feature articles on the following:

  • Editorial and Guest Commentary
  • Professional Profiles, extraordinary achievement by minority and women professionals.
  • Announcements, CASA, CED, CASAalumni coming events and activities
  • On The Boards, showcasing of exceptional CED CASA Student work
  • CASA Now!, articles by CED CASA Co-chairs, highlighting ongoing student activities and interests.
  • CASA Study Abroad, CASA students studying architecture, planning, landscape architecture, and city planning in foreign countries and universities.
  • CASAalumni Scholarships, Highlighting both the Bob Esparza / Martin Del Campo scholarship awards to undergraduate and graduate students for exceptional study and work at CED.
  • From the Classroom, articles and research of interest as contributed by CED professors and scholars.

ByDESIGN invites students and faculty from CED, other universities with design profession programs, as well as practicing design professionals to contact us if you are interested in contributing to ByDESIGN. ByDESIGN is a first in online publication dedicated to showcasing the academic and professional accomplishments of minority and women design professionals.

ByDESIGN is published by:

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R. Roy Hernandez, Co-editor,
D. Oswaldo Lopez, Co-editor,

Staff Writer
Lauren E. Hernandez,

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